objectives of the institution

Preserve Syrian identity

Spread Aramaic Language

Spread Aramaic Language education in all Syrian dialects and alphabets

Support Tourism in Syria

Contribute in highlighting Syrian History Civilization

Syria, the land of civilizations

Syria introduced the world's first alphabet in history

Syria provided the first musical note

Syria provided the first olive tree

Syria provided first wheat field

Aramia President Speech

Our beloved Syria is currently subjected to systematic terrorist violence and civilization destruction, brutal bloodshed, extinct of Syria wonderful components patterns, and returning Syria into Middle Age darkness.

This terrorism which wreaking Syria, bloodshed and violence, is driving Loyal Syrians to step up their efforts and hard-work to protect their roots of civilization and provide all possible support to Syrian Government in all aspects.

As the director of Louvre Museum in Paris - Andre Barrow- once said; that everyone in the civilized world has a stilted his native country and Syria.

Syria introduced the world's first alphabet, first sheet music and first diatonic back to 1400 BC.

Syria gave the world, the first olive tree and first wheat field. Damascus is the first inhabited city in the world.

Syria is the cradle of civilization, who gave philosophers and academics to the world, like Ibn al-Nafis world discoverer of blood circulation in the human body.

All the above, pushed our small group to work on the establishment of non-profit organization to preserve Syrian Identity and protect Aramaic language, Language of Jesus, which is still used and familiar among Syrian families, especially in Maaloula, Jubb'adin, Sarkha, Saddad, Haffar and Hasaka; in addition to Syrians Immigrants in India, Sweden, Denmark, Canada and worldwide.

Terrorists focus violence on Maaloula and destruction of several Archaeological Areas and their attempts to harass and disturb inhabitants is the main proof of their plans to erase the History of Syria and it’s remarkable coexistence and attractive culture.

Aramaic language is the language of Syria, for more than 3,400 years ago.

ARAMIA main objectives and purposes are as follows:

  • Preserve Syrian Identity.
  • Spread Aramaic Language education among descendants of Aramaic, Syriac and Assyrian in their habitat and environment.
  • Spread Aramaic Language education in all Syrian dialects and alphabets, and deepen its study among researchers at institutes.
  • Support Tourism in Syria and create mechanism for Aramaic, Syriac and Assyrian inhabitants solidification in Syria, in order to protect it’s demographic diversity.
  • Contribute in highlighting Syrian History Civilization and Historical co-existence characteristic among Syrians, and focus on Syrian Civilization via documentary films and periodicals magazines and media.
  • As Syrian Government has provided support to revive the Aramaic language by opening Aramaic Institute in Maaloula affiliated with the Ministry of Higher Education and got praise from UNESCO for its role in preserving ancient languages, where foreign researchers and historians learned Aramaic in this Institute, who published books and researches about Aramaic and its origin; focusing on being a spoken language till the moment, in the East.

    Therefore, we decided as civil society, to join forces with our government's efforts and establish ARAMIA, in the protection of Syrian identity and Syrian Aramaic language, as Aramaic in danger of becoming extinct.



    زيارة المطران عطا الله حنا

    تم في 31 آب 2017 زيارة المطران عطا الله حنا رئيس أساقفة سبسطية للروم الأرثوذوكس ورئيس فرع المؤسسة السورية العالمية لحماية اللغة الآرامية في فلسطين

    وقد اقام المطران بالتعاون مع وزارة الثقافة ووزارة السياحة وبحضور سماحة المفتي حسون وفعاليات مدنية واجتماعية وحكومية كبيرة محاضرة عن اللغة والهوية وقد أبرز سيادة المطران حنا أهمية اللغة الآرامية في الحفاظ على الهوية السورية بشكل خاص والحضارة في بلاد الشام بشكل عام

    دورة اعداد مدرسين للغة الآرامية في معلولا بالتعاون مع هيئة ما افرام السرياني

    حضور متميز ومشاركة واسعة في افتتاح دورة اللغة الآرامية للمدرسين وبحضور المدير التنفيذي لهيئة ما أفرام السرياني البطريركية للتنمية ورئيس المؤسسة السورية العالمية لحماية اللغة الآرامية

    وبمشاركة المهتمين والباحثين وشعراء من بلدية جبعدين ومدينة معلولا وحضور فعاليات اجتماعية واسعة

    ARAMIA we are officially licensed and registered in the Ministry of Social Affairs, being a social organization that does not aim to make profit foundation. We deeply belief in the protection of Syrian identity and Syrian Aramaic language, as Aramaic in danger of becoming extinct as number of speakers of ancient tongue plummets. as we already started Aramaic courses in Maaloula and established a small band to revive the Aramaic language; our first festival was launched by the Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor on 09/10/2016 in Maaloula.

    SANA: Aramaic singing festival in Maaloula for preserving Aramaic language

    Aramia 2016 with Ministry of Tourism Syria

    Speakers of Semitic languages in Syria

    • 10 000 (Aramaic)
    • 30 000 (Syriac)
    • 5000 (Chaldean)
    • 4000 (Assyrian)


    Fertile Crescent, Eastern


    Semitic-Central Semitic-Northwest Semitic-Aramaic


    Old Aramaic (900 - 700 BC)


    Eastern Aramaic-Western Aramaic